Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jeeperz Creeperz

My cat, Jeeperz, was the BEST cat EVER.  I never pushed her away from me, never had to get on to her for being bad (except when I had to take small baby animals from her), never got angry with her.  She was just the sweetest little tuxedo cat.  She was tiny, barely six pounds.  Her little tail was not even half as long as a normal cat tail and she was born with it that way, it even had a little crook in it.  She was the runt of the litter - the last of the kittens and no one else wanted her until Ivy brought her for me to see.  I fell in love with her immediately and said we'd add her to our family.  She gave us some scares when she bled so badly from the smallest of cuts (she was a bleeder) and she was a risk taker with her running across the driveway when we'd drive up.  But she was so funny when she was get frisky and dart through the house like a wildcat and try to hide behind the curtains from me like I couldn't see her.  Sometimes she would even chase me around the house.  She rolled on the floor and made an almost imperceptible meow at times, especially when I would sneeze.  Jeeperz was not a lap cat and didn't like to be held at all, but she would purr all the same when I would pick her up and scratch her head.  Every once in a while, she'd crawl under the sheet with me in bed and sleep down by my feet, especially when I was not feeling well. 

Jeeperz died the other day when she tried to make it under the garage door while it was closing.  I never even knew she was there until several hours later.  I blame myself, I should have checked to see if she was still outside before I put the door down, especially since a storm was coming.  The shoulda-coulda-wouldas are useless now and she is gone.  She will never leave my heart though.  I love that cat.