Friday, April 29, 2011

Goodbye Evil Empire, hello again sammich shop

I said good bye to my job very recently, and accepted a job working for my ex-husband at the sandwich shop that we used to own together.  It took a while to decide on, and I made sure Tom had no problems with it since I surely do not want it to cause a rift in our relationship.  While I'm glad to be done with WalMart finally as it was getting ridiculously retarded with lazy coworkers and management, I'm a little worried about what the future will bring going back to work with Lee.  He and I are finally back to speaking to each other like normal people since Andy is no longer in the picture, and I don't want my working for him to bring up any old issues or cause an issue between us to where we barely interact at all.  I don't wanna be best buds with him or anything, I just wanna be able to talk to him again without getting upset or pissed, and without him constantly berating me and telling me I'm stupid.  I've changed a lot over the past 8 years, I hope that makes a difference in how I handle him.  Wish me luck, I will probably need it!